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Supporting Women And Children Around The World

Through The Afghan Hope Project

Lapis Lazuli is a relatively rare semi-precious stone known for its intense blue color. Lapis is the Latin word for “stone” and lazuli is the genitive form of the Medieval Latin lazulum, which is taken from the Arabian lāzaward, meaning “heaven” or “sky”.

Lapis Lazuli is known to have healing and spiritual energy and is known for quickly releasing stress, allowing for peace and serenity. Lapis Lazuli’s dark blue energy enhances respect and compassion in ourselves.




A group of women in America sat around a circle grieving their heroes, fallen on the battlefield, searching for meaning in their loved one’s life and service – and struggling to cope with their tragic death. They knew that behind the military mission in Afghanistan there had to be Afghan families like theirs, who were also grieving their own losses, and whose future depended on the outcome of the war.

On the other side of the world, a group of women huddled together in Kabul, grieving their losses and hanging onto hope, unable to feed their families or warm their homes. But they still held to the dream of doing the one thing they could do – create beauty in the midst of chaos by making jewelry from their native Lapis Lazuli stones. They didn’t have food or heat or electricity, but they had a vision that they could somehow make a difference in the world. In their hearts, they believed in a future and they had dreams.

And they worried about the sacrifices being made by the Americans who had come to their country to help give them hope.

These women reached out to each other across the miles, in their sorrow, and built a bridge of hope and healing.

Join with us by buying and wearing our bracelet, made in Afghanistan and sent with care and hope to TAPS; then wrapped with love and gratitude in America by the families of our fallen heroes and presented to you.

TAPS offers support to family and friends of Armed Forces members who die while serving their country, helping them cope with difficult transitions in the aftermath of their loss. TAPS administers a variety of free programs, including a national peer support network, the annual National Military Survivor Seminars and Good Grief Camps,