InterCultural Education & Leadership

World Connections Foundation (WCF) is a non-profit 501c(3) educational organization that advances online inter-culture coursework & leadership training. The curriculum content reflects the rich cultural fabric of our vastly expanding inter-connected world community. WCF promotes a collaborative mentoring leadership learning model providing a professional development program of study for foreign and domestic students and professionals transitioning to American culture. WCF also extends learning opportunities to other countries responding to the educational needs of underrepresented populations seeking to embrace cultural and economic growth through sustainable change.


World Connections Foundation (WCF) is an internationally-oriented non-profit educational organization established to improve lives and futures through instruction, edification and empowerment of intercultural associates serving within their community. We believe in crossing cultural and political boundaries to bring new knowledge and experiences to individuals in local communities of all types and sizes. WCF improves and expands personal, economic and social development by providing an educational avenue for individuals to assimilate and transition into American Culture.

In partnership and collaboration with the College for World Connections (CWC) and other colleges and universities, the Foundation offers an array of training programs for leadership, professional development, and transitional learning. Courses are provided in modules which combine on-line and personal coaching in the following general areas: leadership, commerce, multi-communications and cross-cultural communications, English language acquisition, business, and entrepreneurship.

These areas of education are specifically selected for their immediate impact on individual lives for transitioning into America as well as reaching abroad to empower others. The micro-funding movement alone provides significant data regarding the outcome of training in basic business methods and the empowerment of individuals to put those methods into practice. Raising individuals and families out of poverty into prosperity and self-sufficiency is the core of our mission, locally in America and abroad.

The Foundation’s expansive mission is to improve the opportunity of all individuals to participate in our education and leadership programs. Engaging community members in active leadership training ensures local businesses, as well as social and professional organizational leaders, have a clearer view of the global marketplace, and the changing global impact on American Culture. Perhaps most importantly, participants in the World Connections Foundation, through collaboration with programs and academic scholars, are empowered to use the tools they receive in our classes to take charge of their own futures, the future of their families and their emerging communities.




  • Professional Women’s Leadership Development
  • Women who seek Intercultural and Sensitivity Training  for a Diverse Workforce
  • Educated Professionals Expanding Cultural Awareness
  • Professional Educators in Public and Private Schools and Universities 
  • Team Leaders in Corporations and Non-profit
  • Students from Colleges and Universities
    Seeking Transitional Coursework
  • Foreign Nationals, Immigrants
    and Refugees seeking Transitional Coursework for
    American Cultural Assimilation
  • Life Long Learners