We seek to become the HUB of EDUCATION INNOVATION

Our motto: never stop learning! The drive to seek out new learning experiences, information and explore new possibilities is not only something we value and encourage within our organization, but it is also a significant basic human attribute we work to cultivate. We align the power of knowledge, creativity and exploration in all that we do.

We develop, and scale certified and/or accredited education programs created to propel individual growth through the power of creative learning. Our method of working is one that focuses on developing ways to catapult sustainable change in human lives, shift the leadership landscape and spearhead positive economic community development. Attainable change will be achieved through academic and educational leadership, community engagement, business and professional development, including training for micro businesses, and entrepreneurial innovation. Our strategic approach is to develop a process that will have the greatest impact.

We continually research and apply new education modalities. Keeping tabs on our progress and making course corrections is our way of remaining relevant and effective. We focus on learning that defines our goals and represents a genuine path to achieving them.


Fostering the Power of Curiosity

All progress occurs because people dare to be different. We are not your average education platform. We represent a place where knowledge and imagination flourish and inquisitiveness is the star teacher. Studies show cultivating an inquiring mind can help individuals lead happier, healthier lives. That’s because curiosity creates an open attitude to new experiences, laying the foundation for greater opportunities to experience discovery, joy and delight. Curiosity is one attribute that opens up more possibilities and opportunities in our lives. As it relates to business, curiosity helps trigger creative solutions, inspire more collaborative relationships and improve team performance.


Shaping Intelligence

Nurturing and developing curiosity can harness the power to transform everyday tasks into something surprising and interesting. Studies show that curiosity correlates with intelligence, attributing to superior scholastic and reading abilities. Additional research reveals that high levels of curiosity in adults are connected to greater problem-solving skills, analytic abilities, and overall intelligence. The bottom line: more curiosity is likely to make you smarter. Imagine that.


Building Knowledge

Knowledge helps us open our eyes to see what we don’t know. Accumulating knowledge encourages us to become more curious. Questioning, looking at things differently, and stretching our minds to discover something new is what essentially helps us grow. Those who seek knowledge often question the status-quo, they explore, they discover paths never traveled, and unlock a curiosity to go deeper, to learn more.
Reviving the curiosity factor makes it possible to stretch our thinking and explore new ways to ask probing and provocative questions


Innovation Labs

We develop creative environments that stimulate exceptional learning experiences and create solutions to “lackluster learning”. Here is where we test and explore new learning opportunities and modalities. We reconnect with play, an attitude that naturally builds interest, imagination and curiosity, all of which open opportunities and possibilities in our lives. Our focuses range from experiential learning to the emerging field of intrapreneurship – employees work within a business in an entrepreneurial capacity, creating new products or services in large corporations. Our future network of labs will boost the most powerful learning concepts emerging from the fields of science, psychology, leadership training, emotional intelligence and more.


Executive/Student Retreats and Immersions

Retreats and immersions provide space for executives and students to reimage what is possible. Here is where individuals explore new visions, ignite team collaboration and interaction, experience the benefits of mindfulness, hone the attitude of play which helps learning become more interesting, and more. Tailored sessions are prepared with appropriate consultants and educators, such as business, leadership and mindfulness experts, as well as the use of our signature innovative learning techniques to achieve greater results. This is a time and place of discovering the unfamiliar in the familiar. By looking at things differently we can move beyond our comfort zone, which is where real growth begins.