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Athena Valley of the Sun Executive Leadership Training for Women – If you are a member of Athena or would like to be, you can engage in the Executive Leadership Course as part of your membership. This Certification Course provides ongoing forum topics that blend the ATHENA VOS Principles into the Tapestry of Women’s Leadership Roles. For membership and registration in Athena VOS Executive Leadership Training go to:   BE a member.

Leadership Certification & Coaching – If you are seeking your next level of leadership development, a team of Professional Leadership Development Learning Coaches and Professors are available for you to learn and execute methods that can enhance your career locally and globally. Proven models of skill building, delegating, communication and leadership style identification, decision-making and understanding how to influence and motivate others, are available.  Learn how YOU can BE the vision for others. Inspire, engage and drive the mission with confidence, alignment and purpose. BE unsurpassed.

Professional Learning Community Certification – Want to create a cultural shift in your organization or school? The practice of developing Professional Learning Communities in education is a unique design created to engage educational professionals in such roles as peer-to-peer mentoring, affirmed servant leadership and leading team effectiveness through our distinctive top-down empowerment model. BE exceptional.

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Are you an Entrepreneur? – If you possess an entrepreneurial spirit and are determined to work for yourself, manage your daily workload, and earn a living while doing something you have control over yourself, this program is for you. Learners will gain knowledge and expertise on how to begin, sustain and expand or enhance home-based business opportunities. Most importantly, understand and eliminate barriers to your own economic independence through access to markets, resources and business capital. BE the initiator.

Acacia is exclusively for educators and we do not have any other career focus. This program is designed BY EDUCATORS FOR EDUCATORS. Is it time to get serious about your career? Would you like to teach internationally or become an administrator in your system? Choose from our graduate programs dedicated to educators. Achieve your Master’s level or Doctorate level degree with Acacia University’s Accredited Degree Programs. BE engaged.

Already a teacher? Imagine reaching the next level of your profession. You’ve worked to mold the futures of your students for years. Isn’t it time you owned your own future? A master’s degree often means an increased salary (an average of $10,000 more per year), job security, and retirement benefits. You’ll also notice an immediate improvement in your teaching skills. When you become a more effective teacher, you maximize the learning and levels of achievement of your students, which is the goal of an educator. Perhaps you would like to make a greater impact and create change in administrative policies or even become a leader in your school, organization or district. Acacia University specializes in not only teaching but also practitioner’s training. BE the change.

The Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership is a 60-credit program designed for graduate level educators who are presently teachers or administrators in a school setting or have regular weekly access to a school and classrooms. The Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership will provide opportunities for educators to learn and develop skills and strategies in the areas of school management, education law, education finance, and instructional supervision. BE an effective leader.,/p>

Many learners enter studies not intending to obtain a new degree, but rather to enhance personal and professional knowledge. You may want to advance in your present career, acquire the background to make a career change, or make up academic deficiencies before entering a degree program. Other learners may need to earn professional development credits for satisfying district or state requirements. Let Acacia and World Connections be your choice for experiencing transformative learning opportunities. BE your own inspiration.

The Acacia University Professional Development courses focus on one or two proven, research-based strategies, taught in a way that makes classroom implementation easy and effective. When these strategies are used consistently in the classroom, learning becomes more effective and fun for the students. The strategies encourage higher level thinking skills and can be used in any subject area. Continuing Education Credits (CEU’s) may apply to your organization’s requirement in many cases. Inquire with Acacia on the potential for you to meet your professional licensing and certification needs. BE unparalleled.

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Thinking of starting a non-profit – If you currently manage or want to start a non-profit, this program is for you. Learn the fundamental strategies necessary for 501c3 management. Experience the advice and guidance of others who have been there on best practices, financial management, grant writing, social impact research, statistical analytics and core leadership strength building. Want to improve your leadership as an Executive Director of a non-profit? BE the torchbearer.

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Refugees New to American Culture – If you are a refugee, asylum seeker or in the process of obtaining citizenship in the United States you face many obstacles. One of those is likely to be in understanding the nuances of a new culture. Learn how to engage and connect with others in your community, how to navigate such functional needs as transportation, food shopping, schools, education, job opportunities, career planning and other resources. America is a nation of immigrants. BE welcomed.

Immigrants and International Visitors – If you are an Immigrant, International Student on a Visa or an international tourist and would like to experience a sense of belonging to others in American cities, countryside and farmlands this course series will provide you with an opportunity to learn. All nationalities and backgrounds are welcome to participate in the courses to enhance your experience of American culture and your place in the United States. BE a part of America now.

English Language Learners – If you would like to acquire English language skills while celebrating a diversity of countries, cultures, and religions this program is for you. Our learners are highly motivated and supportive of one another as they discover new ways to connect by being committed to learning English. Learners come from a broad array of countries and backgrounds. They may be adult refugees, immigrants and asylees living in the United States, or leaders, educators and teachers from around the world learning American English together. Become a participant in the heritage and future of global education. BE a connector.

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Everyone knows how important it is for you, your children and family members to be protected in the school environment. The intensity and scope of the problems challenging society are immense and distressing. That is why we are committed to providing the Student Assistance Training curriculum, a successful prevention, and early intervention guidance program available in many corners of the globe. One person, properly trained and oriented, can make a difference, not only in a school setting, but in an entire community. The appropriate training of teachers, counselors, administrators and community leaders creates positive changes that have been observed and documented on how adults in the education environment react and relate to their students in every area of our ordinary, yet remarkable human interchange. This experiential program model provides in-depth statistical understanding, prevention and intervention of high risk behavior, successfully impacting youth, their families and the communities in which they live. BE safe!