Dr. Susan Taffer is a lifelong learner and an impassioned entrepreneur possessing 13 years of experience in traditional higher education administration, 12 years in business marketing management, and 25 years in teaching adults.  Along with traditional educational experience in college administration, Susan has acquired extensive experiential research from within the for-profit education industry as a defining tool for conceptualizing a universal education system blending traditional models with online mentoring learning systems. This background compliments Susan’s credentials that include a Master’s in the study of World Religions from Arizona State University, as well as a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University. Her doctoral research in the educational needs for adult refugees, and her post-doctoral research for women’s leadership was in China and abroad. She consistently researches educational models and the changing face of higher education delivery systems. This provides Dr. Taffer with unique qualifications to design and deliver an intercultural educational model for the changing dynamics of higher education across the globe. Because of Dr. Taffer’s passion for education, women in leadership, and for community service she inspires and motivates others to become involved in her visionary work.