Executive Board


The World Connections Foundation team is the fabric of our strength, inspiration creativity and effectiveness. We are educators, strategists, coaches, collaborators, creators, authors, imagineers and so much more. Together we are forging a path toward bold and innovative new paradigms in higher education and leadership.  They are programs that are accessible to all because not only are we avid cultivators of the extraordinary in every human being but we believe everyone has within them the potential for greatness.

Dr. Susan Taffer

Founder & CEO of World Connections Foundation

Dr. Susan Taffer is an American business and social entrepreneur, a Transition Strategist, Global Educator and a Humanitarian. She is an Intercultural Ambassador and principal founder of World Connections Foundation.

A recognized national and global educator and an authority on thought leadership, Dr. Taffer has served as an advisor to educators, learning institutions, corporations and students around the globe for more than 25 years.

She is a Doctoral Chair and Professor with Grand Canyon University and a Doctoral Consultant for Acacia University’s International Educators Graduate College. Her instructional guidance and multi-course knowledge has made her a distinguished and sought-after educator and speaker in doctoral studies, women’s leadership forums, and leading national organizations. For the past two years Dr. Taffer has served on the Athena Valley of the Sun executive leadership team. She is an executive advisor for the recipients of the Athena Principal Woman’s Leadership Award, a program that provides recipients with the skills and knowledge to work as educational mentors and coaches.

Expanding on her life-long passion to transition individuals to greatness, Dr. Taffer is aligning her talents and connections to create and produce a documentary film, titled ‘As I Rise’. The film encourages individuals of all ages to unleash their true potential and live a life of greater purpose, power and productivity.

This is a story of courage and discovery. Of women rising to their full potential.  Galvanizing change in their lives and communities and a gripping reminder of the power of leadership.

‘As I Rise’ illustrates that no one is ever too far from making a difference – or from healing through education.

“You can’t emulate what you can’t see. We’re using the power of storytelling to inspire what is possible for women to achieve.” Dr. Susan Taffer

Glenda Nieman, M.Ed. Counseling

Director of Research & Development

Glenda Nieman’s intrigue for studying the depth of human behavior and personal character which led her into the profession of education and counseling. She contributed 30 years to the Chandler Unified School District working with students of all cultures. Glenda has also served more than 29 years as a consultant and a presenter for both profit and non-profit organizations.  Her clients include Student Assistance Training International, National Student Assistance Program Professionals Organization, Department of Education Of Nebraska, D.A.R.E. Regional Training  and Annual Conference, East Valley Charter Hospital, and the Phoenix YMCA. She has authored two instructional manuals for support group facilitation and co-authored three additional manuals for parenting, children with incarcerated parents, and a crisis manual for educators. Glenda is currently researching the effects of leadership roles for women and the psychological impact on their life choices and lives.  She is also studying and researching the psychological impact of transitioning to a foreign culture as an international professional or refugee.


Debra S. Robinson

Director of Global Development

Debra Robinson is an expert problem solver with demonstrated motivational leadership skill. Debbie has over 15 years’ experience in small business management, health care, higher education and health and productivity management. Debra’s core gift is seeing a vision to completion which was demonstrated in her role as Director of Membership for Institute of Health & Productivity Management. While working with many Fortune 500 companies to find global solutions to match client resources, she was able to focus on preeminent health and productivity issues. Debbie is the past President of Alta Home Care of Arizona.  In her leadership role at Alta, she managed critical care issues for hundreds of families struggling to care for their elderly loved ones. Previously, Debbie led a 350 member multi-cultural non-profit women’s organization that contributed thousands of hours of community service. Addressing the issues of poverty and global development is her lifelong passion. The ability to focus singularly on ensuring the success of her business partners and creating an environment for learning and productivity is why Debbie is a good match for WCF.

Debra Robinson is based out of Gilbert, Arizona, USA

Dr. Doe Daughtrey

Director of Academic Development

Dr. Doe Daughtrey is an academic expert with more than 10 years of teaching in public Universities and Community Colleges through online and in-classroom courses for both undergrad and graduate students. Dr. Daughtrey’s expertise in curriculum development and online course transformation is fundamental to the development of the World Connections hybrid learning models. Her skills in academia extend to the newest technology in designing leadership models for women and girls through gaming. She is developing concepts in the academic learning environment where young women and girls improve and strengthen their skill sets in leadership and personal development through interactive engaged learning. Dr. Daughtrey’s professional graduate study is in Religious Studies. She earned her PhD from Arizona State University, with an emphasis in New and Alternative Religions in America and religion and popular culture. She has extensive experience as a presenter at national and regional conferences, especially illuminating women’s gendered experience in major religions of the world and also in more marginal religious groups globally.



Dr. Doe Daughtrey is based out of Mesa, Arizona, USA


Ingrid Trott, M.Ed.

Director of Professional Development Programs

Ingrid Trott,  M.Ed. is a higher-education professional who promotes and advocates for women’s and educational leadership development.  Since the 1980’s she has been teaching and consulting for national and international private and public institutions who have invited her to lecture and design courses that instruct  skills for success and attaining life-track goals. In collaboration with Educators and Professionals in related fields, she is researching and contributing to a series of cultural and social-politically focused articles and events on Women, Leadership, as well as Education and Design topics. Ingrid is deeply involved in team-developing and planning Leadership, Education, and her publishing dates are scheduled nationally in 2016 and 2017. Ingrid has had many invitations to present to multi-cultural professional womens’ groups, and has participated in discussions with local higher-educational institutions to develop mediation programs as a Maricopa County court certified mediator, manager and training program presenter for the Alternative Dispute Resolution Office. She holds an M.Ed, specializing in Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University, as well as a BFA in Architectural Design from famed Parsons School of Design in NYC.  Her liberal arts studies were at Bradley University, Illinois Institute of Technology, and the Institute of Design.

Ingrid Trott is based out of Scottsdale, Arizona, USA